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On-time. Damage-free. Guaranteed. The ultimate trifecta of world-class LTL freight delivery.

XPO - Your Freight First

We traveled to a facility in the bustling metropolis of Munster, Indiana to show what it means to put your freight first.

I also got to live out my dream of having two ads on full display in the most god-forsaken part of Manhattan.

"Wait, why am I seeing an ad for a company called RXO here?" - You, probably.


Longer answer: When we did our project for XPO, we also worked on the launch of their new freight brokerage counterpart, RXO. The company was born out of XPO Logistics but had its own dedicated campaign made by the agency, with many of the placements running alongside its former parent company.

The short answer: Because I had two ads in Times Square and I'll be damned if I'm leaving one of them out.

Does this make me a writer for The Wall Street Journal? I'm going to say yes.


Nothing quite gets the word out like big text on an even bigger billboard, am I right?


Agency: Doremus

Role: Copywriter


Journeyed the open road with:

Brian Pike (Creative Director), Mark Butorac (Creative Director), Sam Nordstrom (Art Director)

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