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San Jose Sharks - You Don't Have To Be Into Hockey

When you think about it, Sharks hockey is similar to a lot of other things you enjoy. The only difference is it's way cooler.

"What the hell did I just watch?" - Every Sharks fan after seeing these commercials.

What's Sharks hockey like? Well, imagine if your acupuncturist was a 200-pound Russian dude with anger problems.

AcupunctureSan Jose Sharks
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ShoppingSan Jose Sharks
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YogaSan Jose Sharks
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Covid-19 may have stopped the season, but it didn't stop fans from repping their team. So, we rewarded their undying loyalty by dropping signed pucks at houses that still had Sharks swag on display. 

The Puck Drop

Agency: Division of Labor

Role: Copywriter

Compared hockey to bird watching and other nonsense with:

Josh Denberg (Executive Creative Director)Matt Vescovo (Animator)

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