KEEN - Consciously Created

KEEN makes outdoor shoes that are actually good for the outdoors. What a concept, right?

We brought awareness to the brand and its purpose through Instagram ads.

People could reconstruct barren areas with Instagram stickers. Then we picked the best ones and brought them to life.

Original Photo

Sticker Redesign 

on Instagram

KEEN's Real-Life Redesign

KEENs are made from re-used plastic, so we collected plastic bottles with a vending machine that would reward every 100th person with a pair of shoes.

To minimize waste, we started a subscription program where people could send in old shoes and get a new pair made from its recycled materials.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, we donated 100,000 pairs of shoes to the workers who kept society running: doctors, postal employees, grocery store clerks, etc.

We announced the program launch on our site:

Recipients were chosen based on a public nomination form:

Nominated people then received a code for a free pair of KEEN shoes:


Agency: Division of Labor

Role: Copywriter


Consciously recreated KEEN's brand with: 

Josh Denberg (Executive Creative Director), Faruk Sagcan (Art Director), Ryan Lockhart (Designer)

*Presented to client but not selected, except the Covid-19 Response campaign.