San Jose Sharks - You Don't Have To Be Into Hockey

When you think about it, Sharks hockey is similar to a lot of other things you enjoy. The only difference is it's way cooler.

"What the hell did I just watch?" - Every Sharks fan after seeing these commercials.

What's Sharks hockey like? Well, imagine if your acupuncturist was a 200-pound Russian dude with anger problems.

AcupunctureSan Jose Sharks
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ShoppingSan Jose Sharks
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YogaSan Jose Sharks
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When Covid-19 paused the season, we started The Puck Drop — an activation that put signed pucks in the mailboxes of houses that were still representing the team with signs, flags, etc.


Agency: Division of Labor

Role: Copywriter

Compared hockey to pretty much everything with:

Josh Denberg (Executive Creative Director)Matt Vescovo (Animator)